See more of David Jason’s Greatest Escapes

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See more of David Jason’s Greatest Escapes

Following the success of the ITV documentary, David Jason’s Greatest Escapes, originally shown in August 2011, a new, extended version will be shown to mark Armistice Day 2011 and Remembrance Sunday 2011. Featuring the last of the 39ers, Alfie Fripp it is being shown twice: Friday 11 November 2011 at 9pm on ITV 3 and again on Sunday 13 November at 5.25pm… set your record buttons now!

David Jason’s Greatest Escapes: The Full Story

David Jason's Greatest Escapes

An extended version of the documentary in which David Jason investigates the amazing real-life wartime escape stories that were the inspiration for iconic dramas such as Colditz and The Great Escape. He meets the last known British survivor of The Great Escape, attempts to recreate the Warburg Wire Job – one of the most ingenious escapes of World War 2 – and travels to Holland to unpick the story of one of the most heroic and little-known escape stories of the war. David meets not just the escapees but also the courageous people who helped them, and he gains a greater understanding of the extraordinary spirit underpinning their audacious bids for freedom.

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