Alfie’s unique photographic record

During the six years of his captivity in the various PoW camps across Nazi-occupied Europe, Alfie Fripp kept a unique photographic record of his time as an inmate.

Alfie took photographs whenever possible and was able – thanks to a fine line in persuasion – to keep many of his original pictures intact and in good condition.

He now wants to share many of these historic images with the world and feels that a website is the easiest way. All of the images you can see in our galleries are Alfie’s property and are very special to him. We would ask that you do not use them in any way without first contacting us for permission.

We will be adding more and more images to the galleries over time so keep coming back to check for the latest additions to this fascinating historical record.

Click on the buttons below to visit the various photo galleries of Alfie’s time as a PoW.

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