In his own words…

Alfie Fripp in 2011

Alfie in 2011


I look back over the years on my RAF career with pride and consider it a great privilege to have served from the time when the strength was only 30,000 airmen and the ration allowance five pence per day, through the turbulent war years and the introduction of the jet age to the run-down of men and machines to 1969.

It is little short of a miracle that I have survived for so long, through a forced landing in the bay of Biscay in a Scapa flying boat in 1936 whilst ferrying it to Alexandria, to a pre-war crash in a Blenheim Mk I in 1938, through my World War II experiences to the present day.

The initial training both in the naval training school and as an Airman Apprentice has held me in good stead throughout my life and for this I thank my instructors and “old sweets” for helping me along the way.

It is my fervent hope that those who choose to make the RAF a career can maintain the “esprit de corps” which has existed along the way.

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