After the war…

At the end of hostilities in 1945, Alfie remained in the RAF and retrained as a W.O observer. After the course, he was recommended for a commission.

Alfie's post-war career

1948 Signals 5 AHQ, RAF Habbaniya, Iraq

1949 Signals Officer, RAF Calshot

1950 RAF Pembroke Dock

1952 Apprentice Training, RAF Yatesbury

1954 Signals 1 AHQ, RAF Habbaniya, Iraq

1956 Radar Type 80, RAF Beachy Head

1959 HQ Maintenance Command, Andover

1962 Elect. Eng., RAF Gibraltar

1964 Elect. Eng. ATCC, RAF Uxbridge

1968 Elect Eng HQ, Support Command

1969 Retirement


After retiring to a chalet bungalow in Bournemouth, Alfie and Vera set about refurbishing it. After a year it was finished and he was invited to join the staff of Brockenhurst sixth form college. After another ten years of service, Alfie finally fully retired when he was 65.

Being fully retired didn’t stop Alfie being in demand by the media as the last of the “39ers” and made frequent appearances on TV, radio and in the printed press. With the digital age, he wanted his own website and Facebook profile,  fully embracing the 21st century to keep his story, and that of all the Allied PoWs of the Second World War, in the public domain to ensure none of the brave men and women of all nations will be forgotten.

Sadly, on 3 January 2013, Alfie passed away after a short illness, just a few months short of what would have been his 100th birthday. This site will be regularly updated and will stand as tribute to him and all of the courageous and gallant people who stood against tyranny all over the world during WWII and in conflicts since then.

For the in-depth story of Alfie, author Sean Feast has published which brings alive the whole story in marvellous detail.

In his own words…



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