Alfie Fripp returns to Stalag Luft III [Video]

Posted on 1 May 2009 in media, news, tv | 2 comments

Alfie Fripp and other Stalag Luft III survivors feature in a Newsnight package on BBC 2 in the UK in 2009.


  1. My name is Monika Parker and I live in Zagan, Poland. I took part in the Project 104 -building a replica hut at the site of Stalag, PoW camp in Sagan,Germany – now Zagan, Poland.

    I would like to correct a piece of information in this video (BBC 1). The hut was build by RAF servicemen in 99.9 per cent. There were no Polish carpenters at all. A polish company helped to lay the roofing felt, and they were paid but there was no cooperation free of charge as such. All the merits should go to the RAF staff and the Leaders of the Project 104.

    • My mistake – BBC2 – I am sorry 🙂

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